Fact Tuesday: Praying Mantis

September 29, 2009

This is the first regular feature of this blog: Fact Tuesday! Each Tuesday I will post a quick little science fact.

It’s Fact Tuesday! I’ve started asking fellow employees of the Saskatchewan Science Centre to tell me their favourite science fact. Here is one from Clinton, our GO! science Outreach Coordinator:

I was recently surprised to learn that the female praying mantis doesn’t always kill her mate after mating.

I did a little bit of research on this, and it seems that they tend to kill their mate more often in captivity than in the wild. I thought that was pretty interesting too!

Clinton’s fact today also reminded me of a photo that I saw recently of a praying mantis catching a hummingbird! Here it is:

Photo by Sharon Fullingim, published on National Geographic Your Shot

Photo by Sharon Fullingim, published on National Geographic Your Shot

Stay curious,


Pancake breakfast

September 25, 2009

On Saturday, September 5th we held a free pancake breakfast for our members. We just wanted to say thanks!

Pancake Breakfast

Two of our board members, Bruce Crouter and Paul Korns, plus our Director of Exhibits and Programming, John Snell, as well as our Executive Director Sandy Baumgartner served the food to the crowd. Here’s Sandy serving up some sausages:

Sandy serving sausages

Discovery Jones came out to say hi to the kids. High fives and hugs were the order of the day:

High fives on the deck

Discovery Jones hugging a girl

Bruce, Discovery, and Paul taking a break for a photo opportunity:

Bruce, Discovery, and Paul

There are all sorts of videos on the internet of dancing babies, but we have a Dancing Sport Scientist! Let me introduce you to Keir:

Dancing Keir

We do our best to always entertain, so here is Kim, our Manager of Corporate Development, and Dave from Visitor Services showing off their pancake flipping and catching skills:

Kim flipping pancakes

They got pretty good at it and Kim could flip them pretty high before Dave had problems catching them:

Pancakes in the air

They did this for hours! So eventually, we had two pancakes going at a time. That, um, didn’t last too long though, ha!

Dave catching two at once

(Click on any of those photos to make them bigger — and in particular check out the face of the lady on the left in this one!)

Adding to the general fun of the day was Jessica performing our Wow Stage Show outside in the tent for the kids:

Wow Stage Show by Jessica

We were grateful to have such beautiful weather, and we enjoyed getting to know the 400 or so folks that were able to make it out to this event. I even ran into some of the Masney kids and their mom Angie!

Some of the crowd

For more photos of the day, including the giant pancake (wow!), have a look at the Flickr set.

Stay curious,

An evening of thanks

September 25, 2009

September has been a pretty busy crazy month for us! And that means I’ve gotten a little behind in posting about what we’ve been up to.

On September 3rd for an evening of thanks, we brought together some of our corporate members, sponsors, partners, and major donors for a little party.

We had a climbing demonstration going when people arrived:

Watching the climbing demonstration

We created some special drinks:

Payette Punch

Thirsk Quencher

Served some gorgeous food:

Delicious spread

Put together some teams of people who did not arrive together:

Saying hello

Sent everyone to all corners of the Saskatchewan Science Centre on a Scavenger Hunt:

Richardson Ag-grow-land clue time

And then ended the evening with the Cryogenics Stage Show:

More stage show

We were really happy to see that everyone had such a great time! We received several phone calls and emails over the next few days thanking us for a fun time. But the whole thing was created to thank them! Our partners are very kind! We were really glad that the Scavenger Hunt and team introductions were so enthusiastically received as well — we wanted our corporate friends to get to know each other a little better. Perhaps this is the beginning of some partnerships of their own?

We have more photos in the Flickr set, as usual, and I skipped a few details so go ahead and have a look. And hey, if you’d ever like to do something like this for your company or organization, please just ask! We are a great place for parties, team building, employee appreciation events, and whatever else your imagination can create. We have a phenomenally creative staff here, that’s for sure.

Stay curious,