Hi all!

You will notice next week that this blog won’t have anymore new posts. Why? Well, we’re getting a new website! Why? Because our old one was old. It was only about 4 years old, but in internet time that’s kind of like 100 years! Things move quickly on the internet. The old site was like taking a horse and buggy to town, where the new one will be like taking a space ship to the International Space Station! Well, something like that anyway.

At any rate, the new website will have a blog built right in! So, you won’t need to come to this site anymore. A bit sad, I know. I love this WordPress blog. But, things change I guess, so let’s be happy and dance around instead. I know I am! (My poor colleagues! All they hear these days is, “and the new website will do this! And this! And this!”)

Once the new website and blog are up and running, I’ll come back here and let you know the new address. The new site should be up next week sometime, and hopefully I’ll be up and blogging right away. I promise to come back and tell you the new address! I won’t be long. In the meantime:

Stay curious,


2 Responses to “Pause.”

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