Fact Tuesday: Lake Sturgeon

This is the first regular feature of this blog: Fact Tuesday! Each Tuesday I will post a quick little science fact.

It’s Fact Tuesday! I’ve started asking fellow employees of the Saskatchewan Science Centre to tell me their favourite science fact. Here is one from Kim, our Manager of Corporate Development:

Lake sturgeon go back over 100 million years, to the time of the dinosaurs, and they’re considered a “living fossil”.sturgeon

I did a little research on lake sturgeon myself and I found even more fascinating facts:

  • In the wild, sturgeon seem to enjoy tail walking (standing above the water on their tails and moving backwards), especially in warmer weather. They also jump out of the water and twirl around. Kinda like dolphins!
  • They don’t have scales like most fish, but bony plates instead.
  • They used to be considered a nuisance because they damaged fishing gear, so they were simply killed and dumped back into the water. Then they were considered a delicacy, so they were overfished. Now they are protected by limited fishing.

You can read more about lake sturgeon here and here. They’re really neat-o fish! We actually have two here at the Saskatchewan Science Centre so I took a few photos for this post. They are super fun to watch! In fact, they move around so much it was hard to take a good photo, so I took some video as well. Have a look:

They are currently living in a tank in our Uranerz Lab in the basement while we wait for a new habitat to be built. I can’t wait until they’re out on the exhibit floor and accessible to the whole public. They really are fascinating!

Stay curious,


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