IMAX Retrospective Film Festival announcements!

Today we announced more of the details behind the IMAX Retrospective Film Festival, happening September 28th to October 2nd.

First, you’ll be interested to know the films. We’ve chosen the following five:

The Magic of Flight — it’s from 1996, making it the oldest one we can get our hands on right now. It’s a retrospective film festival, so we want to play films that you haven’t seen in a really long time, or that you haven’t seen at all. As far as IMAX presentations go, 1996 is pretty old. Heck, as far as movies go — 1996 was the year Scream was released, which revolutionized an entire genre!

Amazon — also an oldie but goodie, it’s from 1997.

And then here we get into films that are not so old, but very popular and entertaining by all accounts:

Vikings: Journey to New Worlds — it’s from 2004. If you didn’t catch it back then, this is one of few chances you’ll have to catch it.

Hurricane on the Bayou — it’s from 2005 and it was also voted as Fan Favourite by you guys! In response, we’ll play that one three times during the festival, instead of just twice.

Wild Ocean — okay, this one is from 2008 and it’s not old at all. But, it is our brand new really fantastic film that’s in our current rotation and we think you will like it!

Our opening night is Monday, September 28th, and we’ve decided to play our oldest and our newest film together. So, at 7 p.m. you can catch The Magic of Flight, and at 8 p.m. you can watch Wild Ocean. I’ve seen Wild Ocean and it’s pretty fantastic, and I think it will be fun to contrast the new fish movie with the older jet plane movie!

The rest of the schedule is on our website if you’d like to have a look. You’ll also find a synopsis for each film as well. The only one I’ve seen is Wild Ocean, so I’m really looking forward to going to the festival as a patron myself.

Oh, and prices! I haven’t mentioned that yet. Usually a film at the Kramer IMAX Theatre is $7.50, but we’ve knocked that down to $5 for the festival showings. And, a double feature is only $9. And, if you are a member, we’ll knock that down another 20%. It’s our 20th Anniversary and we want to do something nice for you for being so good to us — so enjoy!

Stay curious,


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