Classic Walkman vs iPod, and other science news

How about some science news?

According to this story, apparently people really do walk in circles! I know sometimes it just feels like we do, but now we all have science on our side.

Biomimicry is when humans develop sustainable technologies inspired by nature. One famous example is Velcro, which was inspired by looking at burrs stuck in dog hair. Check out 14 more cool examples of biomimicry.

walkmanThis is more about general technology rather than pure science, but I loved reading this next article. Back in June, the BBC invited a 13-year old to use a Walkman for a day, instead of his iPod. My favourite quote is, “It took me three days to figure out that there was another side to the tape.” Ha! I can somewhat relate actually — last year we listened to tapes during a rainy day at the cabin, and the first time we needed to flip a tape over we just kind of stared at each other thinking that it sure hadn’t played very long. Oh right — two sides!

One last little science news bite for you today. I like this compilation of 10 differences between the North and South Poles.

Stay curious,


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