The Cryogenics Stage Show

If I showed you a beaker of a clear liquid that was boiling, you’d probably think it was very hot water, right? Well, it might actually be liquid nitrogen, and if that’s the case then it would be very cold. And yup, you’d say it’s boiling, even though it’s cold.

Can you tell that I watched the Cryogenics Stage Show here at the Saskatchewan Science Centre the other day?

I also learned that cryogenics is the study of very cold temperatures. I always thought that cryogenics just meant freezing people! I didn’t know it was actually a much broader term.

So, I took a few photos of the show. Here is Science Explorer Danny amazing the crowd with some very cold liquid nitrogen:

Cryogenics show 2

When the cold liquid nitrogen hits the ground (or really, before it even hits the ground) it warms up and turns into a gas. We learned all about gases, liquids, and solids. I liked the way Danny explained it all. It was pretty cute! The kids liked it and so did I.

And here’s more liquid nitrogen fun — monster fog! Or, pour some liquid nitrogen into a container of very hot water:

Cryogenics show 5

And the kids getting a chance to feel how cold the fog is:

Cryogenics show 6

Have you ever seen one of our stage shows? Feel free to comment about it — I’d love to know your favourite! The Cryogenics Show is the only one I’ve seen so far, but I would definitely like to catch a few more soon. We have about four shows a day here, every day. If you come to visit, you should definitely sit in on one. Best of all, once you’ve paid your general admission, it’s free!

Stay curious,


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