And the winner is…

Wild OceanSo here’s some neat news that I found out about today. It was announced a couple of weeks ago that Wild Ocean, the IMAX film that will be opening at the Kramer IMAX Theatre on August 21, has been nominated for a bunch of awards!

The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival has announced that Wild Ocean will be a finalist in the following peer-judged categories:

  • Best Sound
  • Best Editing
  • Best Special Venue project

Wild Ocean has already won the Earthwatch Film of the Year Award, plus it was a finalist for two Panda awards at the Wildscreen Festival for Best Film-Theatrical and Best Music.

Thanks to all the buzz it’s getting, and no wonder since it was produced by the creators of STOMP (the music is going to be amazing!), I’m getting really excited to see Wild Ocean! August 21 — just two more weeks! Have you seen the trailer yet?

Stay curious,


2 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Science Explorer Karissa Says:

    We’ve been having a lot of ocean movies lately. Sharks, Sea Monsters, now Wild Ocean.

  2. Saskatchewan Science Centre Says:

    It’s true, Karissa. The giant screen film industry tends to make a lot of those films, so it definitely affects what we are able to choose. Those kinds of films tend to be popular anyway, I suspect because filming under water is just so beautiful and very suited to the IMAX experience, so I think it works out! Our next film definitely won’t be a fishy one though, that’s for sure. We’re working on deciding the next few months, but we know that we don’t want to over fish these waters!

    — Collette

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