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Labour Day Classic at the Kramer IMAX Theatre

August 31, 2009

Labour Day ClassicThe Labour Day Classic football game between the Riders and the Blue Bombers on September 6 has been sold out for months, but we have gotten hold of a whole bunch of tickets. How? We are going to be feeding the game through to the Kramer IMAX Theatre!

Yep, it’s true. Watching the game on your neighbour’s 52 inch television pales in comparison to watching it on the 5-storey IMAX screen that is as wide as two school buses end-to-end! Add to that over 10,000 watts of 6 channel, 4 way stereo surround sound and you have yourself a football experience!

We are looking forward to a sea of green, so we’ll have prizes for costumes! We’ve also arranged for food and drinks (also known as beer and pizza) for sale, plus as always we’ll have popcorn and soft drinks available at the concession.

Tickets are only $20 to celebrate 20 years of the Saskatchewan Science Centre. We’re hosting this event in conjunction with a bunch of other activities in the next few weeks. To buy tickets, call the Kramer IMAX Theatre box office at 522-4629 or come by today. Or for a few more details, have a look at our website.

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IMAX fan favourite – voting is open!

August 28, 2009

Kramer IMAX TheatreThe Saskatchewan Science Centre is having a film festival at the Kramer IMAX Theatre! The IMAX Retrospective Film Festival will run September 28 to October 2, 2009. During the evenings of this week, the Kramer IMAX Theatre will play some oldies but goodies — plus a new amazing film as well. I’m pretty excited! We are in the midst of some glittery opening night plans.

In the meantime, we are still compiling a list of movies that will be shown and you can help! On one of those nights, we will feature a Fan Favourite from our list of library films. So, how about a poll? Let us know which film you’d like to see. Maybe you’ve seen it? Maybe you missed out when it was in our regular rotation? Either way, we want to know what you want to see.

Results will be revealed on September 14, so tell your friends to come vote!

Fact Tuesday: Galileo’s telescope

August 25, 2009

I am introducing our first regular feature to this blog: Fact Tuesday! Each Tuesday I will post a quick little science fact.

It’s Fact Tuesday! Time for some truth.

It was on this day, 400 years ago, that Galileo showed off his telescope to the Senate of Venice. And while Galileo’s telescope gets credit for a whole lot of things (like proving that the Sun is the centre of our universe, not the Earth), Galileo didn’t actually invent the telescope. The person who gets credit is a Dutch man named Hans Lipperhay. Hans invented a basic telescope the year before that magnified things by three times. But Galileo’s improvements to the basic one, first by magnifying things eight times, then later on that year by 20 times, lead the way to many scientific discoveries that we base our science on today.