Sea Monsters at the IMAX

Today I went to see Sea Monsters: A Prehistoric Adventure at the Kramer IMAX Theatre.

First I had to get some popcorn. Even though it was only 10 a.m., you can’t go to a theatre without popcorn! We actually get a lot of questions about that. YES you can definitely take popcorn, drinks, and candy into the Kramer IMAX Theatre! We sell it, and to be honest it’s cheaper than at those other theatres in town. It’s also delicious!

Then, I settled in. See how excited I am?

Getting ready for IMAX

Okay, let’s step back a bit. I actually got a bit of a tour of the projection room on Tuesday. Have you ever been in a projection room of a theatre? I hadn’t, and I certainly hadn’t ever been in an IMAX projection room. But, I can tell you, the machines and the film are big!

IMAX projection room

To the right is the actual projector. You can see the light from the film being reflected onto the floor. The black line through the centre of the photo is the film stock. It starts from one one side of the room (the upside down T-looking holder in the photo), then weaves it’s way over to the left, then to the right into the projector.

Okay, movie time! Oh, first Jessica had to remind us to turn off our cell phones. She also talked a bit about the theatre experience. The screen is 5 stories high and as wide as two school buses end to end. The sound system is also impressive: 6 channel surround sound, 11,000 watts, and includes speakers behind the screen. It’s all so big that she even had to give us instructions on what to do if we felt queasy! I didn’t feel sick, but I have to admit twice during the movie I lost track of where I was a little bit. I knew I wasn’t moving, but it felt like I was!

The screen is so big that when I took a picture, I couldn’t fit it all in one photo. This is Kansas, 82 million years ago and minus the edges of the screen.

Kansas 82 million years ago

And here are the stars of the film — the dolichorhynchops, or dollies for short. (Yes, I had to look up the spelling, ha!)


I really enjoyed the film. All of the swooshing and swooping under water and above ground was really fun, and exactly why people love the giant screen experience. There was also enough action that I jumped — twice! And the story line is pretty fantastic too. I’m not gonna lie — I got a little emotional at the end. The movie is suitable and entertaining for all ages, from kids to grandparents. Although if you have a small one who is really sensitive, they may find it to be too much. I was really surprised at how attached I was to the characters! But hey, these guys are experts at entertainment and story-telling, right? I shouldn’t have been surprised at all!

Oh, have I mentioned the music was by Peter Gabriel? IMAX films have some pretty awesome productions these days.

Well, if you’d like to watch Sea Monsters, I recommend it! It’s playing tonight at 7 p.m., and if you miss that there are more showtimes on our website. We have other films too, and I’ll review those sometime as well! Plus, we have a new one coming out in less than a month.

Stay curious,


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