Fare thee well Todd!

Today is a sad, sad day. The Saskatchewan Science Centre’s Director of Visitor Experience & Marketing, Todd Sandin, has decided to move on to new adventures in being awesome. Today is his last day here.

To mark this occasion, Barry made him a “card” that we could all sign:

Adios amigo

And Clinton made him a cake that we could all eat:

Fancy cake

Why the tuxedo? One of Todd’s bazillion responsibilities here was Fantasy Food, our annual black tie fundraiser. A well-organized and classy event, Fantasy Food is known as being Todd’s “baby”. This is a replica of the logo!

We also had a little party, where Todd received his card:

Delighted Todd

And his gifts!

Chef Todd

Thank you for eight years of your heart and soul, Todd. The Regina Food Bank is lucky to have you!

Stay curious,


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