Astronaut Jeremy

Science Explorer Jeremy decided to put on his astronaut suit today.

Isn’t it nice?

Astronaut Jeremy front

I like the instrument panel on the front (it’s the red flap thing), the copious sparkles (which are kind of tough to see here), and the emergency whistle (only for emergencies!).

Here’s the back too:

Astronaut Jeremy back

I particularly like the oxygen tank!

(Larger photos with more detail are here and here!)

The kids at the Astronaut Adventure summer camp put together this amazing suit for Jeremy. I think they did a pretty great job! Hm, I wonder if NASA would like us to send them the prototype. Maybe once we find Astronaut Jeremy some boots.

Stay curious,


3 Responses to “Astronaut Jeremy”

  1. Science Explorer Karissa Says:

    very VERY good! way to go kids! should be a new science explorer uniform

  2. Saskatchewan Science Centre Says:

    Hm, Karissa that’s a good idea! — Collette

  3. Astronauts galore! « Saskatchewan Science Centre Says:

    […] suit is quite a lot shinier than Astronaut Jeremy’s was! And she has shoes! Plus look at this walkie […]

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