Teaching the kids.

One of the things that I like the most about working at the Saskatchewan Science Centre is that even though I work in the offices, I tend to have lots of reasons to walk across the Exhibit Floor each day. I love watching people interact with the exhibits.

Just now I watched a dad explaining to his two sons, aged about 5 and 8, how our miniature hot air balloon works. That piece, along with the bubbles, is possibly one of our most popular parts of the floor.

Yesterday I watched a mom tell her little guy about the bones in the body. They were looking at the diagram on the main floor near the elevators. She pointed to the ribs on the picture, and then showed her son where her ribs were inside of her body.

It just gives me a good feeling to see knowledge being passed down like that. I think everyone learns a lot when they come here, both parents and kids!

Stay curious,


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