LEGO Colouring Contest Winners

During the month of June, the Saskatchewan Science Centre held a colouring contest. We received a ton of really awesome submissions! It was so hard to choose the winners for each category. But, in the end a decision was made, so I present to you the winners:

(click on the pictures to see larger versions)

Ethan K, age 3:
Ethan K, age 3
Talissa H, age 4:
Talissa H, age 4
Hilary D, age 5:
Hilary D, age 5
Mikael N, age 6:
Mikael N, age 6
Logan K, age 8:
Logan K, age 8
Jacob K, age 9:
Jacob K, age 9

All of these talented kids win a Family Combo Pass so that they can bring their family to the Science Centre to see Wheels, Wings & Waves — A LEGO World of Transportation. Plus, because it’s a Combo Pass, they get to go to the Kramer IMAX Theatre for free as well. Lucky!

I have to confess, the one that got the most attention was this one:

Discovery Spock

Have a look at the age — this contest was for kids aged 2 to 10 and this guy is 45! When I was separating the entries into age categories, that’s what first caught my attention. Then I noticed the name — Chad works here! He is one of the Five Pound Burritos guys (although if he’s actually 45, he shows his age well doesn’t he?). And, he is quite the Star Trek fan. And smartypants. Oh, and that is his real office phone number, so feel free to give him a call and compliment him on his colouring!

Stay curious,


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