Local news about ferrets

Well, this is neat! According to a story in today’s Leader-Post, black-footed ferrets are being reintroduced into Grasslands National Park.

We have a couple of ferrets here at the Saskatchewan Science Centre. Neko and Dorrie are domestic European ferrets, and their kind have been domesticated so long that they have little hunting instinct left. You wouldn’t be able to let them loose to hunt and have them survive.

The ferrets being introduced back into the wild, the black-footed ferrets, generally eat prairie dogs. Their long, thin bodies allow them to get right into prairie dog burrows, and they even live in abandoned prairie dog homes.

Neko and Dorrie live in rather different surroundings:

Ferrets home

Ferrets in the wild tend to be solitary animals, but not our little guys:

Ferrets closeup

Stay curious,


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