Welcome fellow blogger!

Looks like the Saskatchewan Science Centre isn’t the only one blogging. The Saskatchewan Burrowing Owl Interpretive Centre has joined the blogosphere, and already I’m hooked!

Yesterday I discovered their blog, Travels with Georgie. George (or Georgia) is their newest ambassador owl. This pint-sized owl is being hand-raised so he can help teach people about prairie conservation.

We have a pretty friendly relationship with SBOIC. Not only do we see them pretty much wherever our GO! science team travels (like at Wings Over Wascana), they come out to our Summer Day Camps to teach the kids about their work and their owls. This year we should have them here for our Critter Crazy summer camp.

Speaking of summer camps, we offer four: Astronaut Adventure, Sports Science, Girls Rock, and Critter Crazy. Spots are filling up fast, but there is still room in all of our camps if your 6 to 11 year old has some time on their hands this summer. They’ll get to learn about science, meet other kids, have fun, and the price is very reasonable compared to other week long camps in the city.

If your son our daughter is crazy about animals, I definitely recommend Critter Crazy. And maybe they’ll get to meet George:

Travels with Georgie

He’s just so cute! I may have to take a trip out to Moose Jaw to meet him.

Stay curious,


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