Richardson Ag-grow-land now open!

The Saskatchewan Science Centre’s newest permanent exhibit, Richardson Ag-grow-land, is now open! Yesterday was opening day, so we invited some special guests.

Here is Curt Vossen, president of Richardson International (the title sponsor of the exhibit), speaking to a crowd of school kids and a lot of invited guests that helped us bring this exhibit to the public:

Opening day celebrations

One of the coolest parts of the exhibit is this 20 foot play structure shaped like a Pioneer inland terminal. You can see the kids really loved it!

The inland terminal

Do you know how those old grain elevators worked? Or the new inland terminals? Now you do:

Grain elevator

Also very cool is the kid-sized combine:

The combine

I have to confess, I wanted to check it out myself:

Fun combine

Hey — I wanted to see the wheat being harvested! Like a lot of Saskatchewan kids, I remember sitting on my grandfather’s lap while he drove the combine. And, it looked like this:

Inside the combine

Did you know that canola is a tiny little round black seed? I didn’t — but I know now, thanks to this part of the exhibit:

The terminal office

You can stick your hand in and touch all sorts of different kinds of grains.

But we don’t just grow grain in Saskatchewan — we have saskatoon berries, lentils, potatoes, and we also have stuff like beef and pork. Ever seen a calf being born? I hadn’t until I watched this video in the barn:

Go have a calf

There is a lot more to this exhibit (a movable touchscreen! barcoded crops! little grain trucks you can move around! a giant puzzle wall!) so you should really go have a look at the Flickr set. Or, come to the Science Centre! We’d love to have you.

Stay curious,


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