Lost dog!

Last Monday we had a pretty exciting morning at the Saskatchewan Science Centre. A very cute, very happy little beagle wandered through the front doors of the building!

It took Dan a while to catch her, but he did. And he fell in love. Actually, we all did. Here is Dan, from exhibits maintenance, and Trevor, our IMAX projectionist, giving some love to the little runaway:

The guys and the dog

Who wouldn’t fall in love with this face?

Little lost beagle

We kept her happy with a chew toy, until the Regina Humane Society could come pick her up. She had no tags, so we had no other way of trying to find her owner.

Chew toy!

All week I asked Dan if he’d called to see if she’d been picked up by her owners. We’ve all been so busy, though, so he still hadn’t the last time I checked with him. We’re pretty confident she had owners, so I’m not too worried. She was lovely, if not just incredibly lively! I’m sure she has a wonderful home.

It made for a pretty exciting morning, though, I tell ya!

Stay curious,


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