GO! science

I’d like to introduce you to Jayne and Jessica, the Saskatchewan Science Centre’s GO! science Explorers:

Jayne and Jessica in crayon

As you can see, they are made out of crayon. As you can imagine, this isn’t a real portrait of the two (Jayne’s arms aren’t quite that long in real life). This is, in fact, part of a thank you card sent by a student from Alameda. Jayne and Jessica actually received a whole bunch of thank you cards:

Thank you cards from Alameda

Isn’t that so nice? Jayne and Jessica, and their supervisor Clinton, loved each and every card. They’ve been passed around much of the office as well — we like fan mail!

So, what is GO! science? It’s the Saskatchewan Science Centre outside of the Science Centre. If you are from a school or community group, you can give us a call and Jayne and Jessica will come out and teach your kids some science.

Alameda school got to learn about about momentum, gravity and friction through making model roller coasters in a workshop called Thrill Rides. They also got to see the Cotton Candy Show, where they learned about the chemistry behind the sugar molecule and the biology of how the human body processes sugar. Then, they got to eat cotton candy! These workshops are a great way to teach science in a fun way, and science and fun are our specialty!

Here are just a few more of these fantastic cards. Check out the roller coaster:

Fun job

And this awesome picture of cotton candy:

Cotton candy

As always, there are more pictures in the Flickr set!

Interested in seeing the GO! science Explorers for yourself? You don’t have to be a teacher — they can come out for your town’s sports day or fair this summer, or a family reunion with lots of kids! Or really any event where you think we could entertain with science. To find out more, give Clinton a call at 791-7955 in Regina, or toll-free 1-800-667-6300 (extension 5).

Oh, and here are what Jayne and Jessica really look like:

The real Jayne and Jessica

See? Much shorter arms!

Stay curious,


2 Responses to “GO! science”

  1. Jamie Says:

    love your blog posts… looks like it is a lot of fun at the science center. I’m impressed that you also have a outreach program for schools etc. I will keep that in mind if I ever am organizing something fun for the kids in my community.
    Hope that little beagle found his way home…. cheers//

  2. Saskatchewan Science Centre Says:

    Thanks Jamie! We’re very proud of our outreach program — it’s a big province and we know that it’s not always practical for a class to come to us. And thanks to support from SaskEnergy, we’re thrilled to be able to take our show out on the road.

    And yep, this is definitely a fun place!

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