The 9 foot space shuttle made entirely of LEGO bricks is now done!

I was pretty impressed when I arrived this afternoon how big this really was! Here it is about an hour from completion:

Last day of the build

Just about done – it took 4 men to lift this piece up!

Placing the last parts

Emily Merk was the lucky girl who got to put the last piece on:

The last brick

All done! Robin Sather, and the masterpiece that took 3 days, hundreds of helpers, and thousands of bricks to complete:

Robin and the finished space shuttle

1 shape of brick + 6 colours = an entire army of astronauts and aliens!

Astronauts and aliens

There are a few more photos in the set on Flickr as well.

So, the build is done but the exhibit isn’t over! It’s here until September 7th when we get to tear down the shuttle! For real. So, come by the Saskatchewan Science Centre between now and September 7 to see it all in its full glory, then come by on Labour Day to help us pull the shuttle down.

Stay curious,


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    […] little contest here for patrons to guess the number of bricks in the 9 foot tall space shuttle that the public helped build way back in […]

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