LEGO is here!

It’s been a chaotic and fun morning at the Saskatchewan Science Centre! Today is the opening day of Wheels, Wings & Waves, our summer visiting exhibit.

The cutest thing heard today so far: a little kid exclaiming, “This is the awesomest thing I ever saw!”

Well, I have to agree. This exhibit is really very cool. The detail is really astonishing, and there is a lot to learn about as well. Each exhibit has a little information plate beside it explaining what you’re looking at.

Neat thing I learned today: the Skylab (pictured here) broke apart when it came back to Earth in 1979 and spread debris all over the place. An Australian town fined the American government $400 for littering when some of it landed nearby. Good stuff! 30 years later, the fine hasn’t been paid yet.

We had a media event to kick off the opening. A couple of weeks ago we had a contest in our Kaleidoscope newsletter. The first person to reply who had a membership would get to lay the first brick. So, introducing the Masney kids: Taylor, Carter, Madison, and Kalen.

First bricks

Behind them is Robin Sather, Canada’s only LEGO Certified Professional. He designed one of the bigger pieces of the exhibit – a large mountain scene with a train, a crashed out UFO, boats, and other neat details. Robin is here this weekend helping build a 9 foot space shuttle that will be the centerpiece of the exhibit.

Here’s Robin again (in the red hat) helping out the crowd of shuttle builders:

Chaotic build

Besides the big build, kids can create their own masterpieces at little building stations scattered throughout the exhibit. Here’s Kalan making something that he was pretty darn proud of!

Kalan creating

Behind him you can see the ramp for some race cars – super fun!

Robin is here all weekend helping get that space shuttle built. If you’d like to join in, all the information you need is here.

It’s been pretty busy today, but there is plenty of room for everyone–I promise! So, I really hope you do get a chance to come down to help out with the build or watch it take place. It’s a really unique opportunity that doesn’t happen to often. That part of the exhibit ends at 3pm on Monday, and then everything will be here til September.

As usual, I have a few more photos over here on our Flickr page. I’ll be adding some all weekend as well.

Stay curious,


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