Richardson Ag-grow-land coming soon!

Hooo boy, it sure is busy around here! In two days the new visiting exhibit opens, and in just over a month our new agriculture exhibit will be ready for visitors.

Opening on June 17, 2009, the largest exhibit we’ve ever had will take you on a tour of the agriculture industry in Saskatchewan. From driving a combine to shipping lentils to India, this incredibly exhilarating exhibit will show how high-tech agriculture has become.

With tons of interactive elements, Richardson Ag-grow-land is an ambitious, innovative permanent exhibit–and it was all created by the amazing staff at the Saskatchewan Science Centre. But I get no credit–I just walk through every once in a while to watch the progress and make comments like, “Really? A train? Cool!”

Trust me when I say this exhibit is really cool. Imagine climbing up an inland terminal and sliding back down again! Or sitting in the kid-sized combine actually harvesting your fields of canola!

Here are some photos I took today of the progress:


Ag-grow-land interior 3

Have a look at a few more pictures over on Flickr.

Stay curious,

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  1. More exhibit sneak peeks! « Saskatchewan Science Centre Says:

    […] As I mentioned before, Richardson Ag-grow-land will take you on a tour of the agriculture industry of Saskatchewan. More specifically, the Saskatchewan Science Centre’s mascot Discovery Jones, and his dog Tungsten, will take you on that tour. […]

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