Five pounds of silly.

Did you hear that Taco Del Mar was giving away 5 pound burritos to celebrate Cinco de Mayo today? Well, they weren’t quite giving them away – you had to eat the burrito in 30 minutes to get it free. Failure to finish costs you $20.

Some of the boys at the Saskatchewan Science Centre decided to take the challenge. And failed. Obviously! Five pounds of beef and rice, including four tortillas to keep it all together, is quite the undertaking. Chad, Carver, and Dave didn’t even attempt the 30 minute stipulation and decided to bring their lunches back to our IMC Boardroom instead.

The grand unveiling – Chad with his burrito that he named Winston, Carver with Taft, and Dave with Yeltsin:

The unveiling







I know. They are ridiculous. They know it too:




I took 12 photos altogether, so please have a look at them on Flickr. I can’t possibly post all 12 here, but there are some real gems over there. I promise. Chad had a little cuddle with his burrito. So cute.

Stay curious (and please don’t eat like this all the time),


4 Responses to “Five pounds of silly.”

  1. elijahssong Says:

    That’s freakin hilarious…congrats on joining the world of blog. Great idea…I will make sure I promote you guys….

  2. Saskatchewan Science Centre Says:

    Thanks so much! It was too funny not to post, I have to say. Those boys are good sports. And thanks for helping us get the word out about the new blog. See ya around the blogosphere! – Collette

  3. LEGO Colouring Contest Winners « Saskatchewan Science Centre Says:

    […] what first caught my attention. Then I noticed the name — Chad works here! He is one of the Five Pound Burritos guys. And, he is quite the Star Trek fan. And smartypants. Oh, and that is his real office phone number, […]

  4. Science Explorer Karissa Says:

    “One day we’ll look back and this and laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Ohhhh boy.”

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