Canada’s next astronaut

In March, the Canadian Space Agency announced a list of 16 candidates hoping to become Canada’s next astronaut. Over 5,000 people applied for the two jobs, so these 16 have already accomplished a lot by being chosen!

Being an astronaut isn’t easy. You have to be smart, and also in good shape to meet the demands of training and life in space. Interestingly, the candidates have also been tested for their creativity and teamwork skills. You can have a look at photos of some of the testing on the CSA website.

Of course, many of us at the Saskatchewan Science Centre are pretty interested in who becomes our next astronaut. So, someone started an office pool. (Don’t worry – I checked and it’s legal in Canada.)

Each potential astronaut was given a number:

Canada's next astronaut

And then we all had to pick two:

Next astronaut picks

A few people actually read their biographies, but I just picked based on who hadn’t really been chosen yet. They are all phenomenal people!

Canada’s next two astronauts will be chosen sometime in May. I’m excited to find out who wins! I think the office pool was a neat idea to get all of us excited about it, but I think space travel is pretty cool to begin with.

The Science Centre has a lot of space-related exhibits and programming, so today I took a few photos. In the Powerhouse of Discovery we have our Gyro Gym located next to our Space Stadium Stage, and we also have a wall profiling our astronauts. In the offices we have some collages of patches, flags, and photos from actual space missions. You can also sign up for a week-long Astronaut Adventure camp this summer if you are between the ages of 6 and 11.

Check out some more of our space stuff in our Flickr set.

Here’s the Gyro Gym. I can’t wait to try it!

Gyro gym

Stay curious,


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2 Responses to “Canada’s next astronaut”

  1. Curious Says:

    Great post. I have a question however. What is with the big gray wall to the left of the Gyro-gym?

  2. Saskatchewan Science Centre Says:

    Great question! It’s actually hiding a new permanent exhibit that we are building. It’s called Ag-grow-land, and it is our largest exhibit ever. And, I took a picture of the construction in progress after I took this Gyro Gym photo, so it’s funny you ask! I’ll have more information on the blog soon, definitely! – Collette

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