Happy Earth Day!

Happy Earth Day everyone!

All month at the Saskatchewan Science Centre we’ve been enjoying some earth-friendly activities with our visitors. We’ve been doing things like making grassy heads and bird feeders, creating ecosystems in bottles, and this weekend we will be making rock collection boxes and learning about geology.

We’ve also enjoyed watching kids colour on our Earth Month Wall:

Earth Month colouring wall

And I like this way of getting people to think about how they can reduce their ecological footprint – a giant chalkboard foot:

Reducing your footprint

In about an hour I’ll be heading to our Space Stadium Stage to watch our Go! Science team put on a little show they’re calling ESI Wascana: Eco-System Investigation. Go! Science is our “outreach” piece of the Science Centre. Teachers and community members can ask us to come right to your school or town and conduct workshops. Today, those of us based right in the Science Centre will get a rare glimpse of what our outreach team does, because normally they’re out on the road. And yes, I’ll take some pictures!

I took a few more photos today of our Earth Month activities. As always, they’re on our Flickr page.

Stay curious,


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