Rainy day

It’s a rainy day here in Regina, so I thought I’d dig up a few facts about rain.

rain on a car in the parking lot

rain on a car in the parking lot

1. The umbrella was originally invented to protect people from the hot sun.

2. Rain drops can fall at speeds of about 30 kilometres an hour.

3. Just 60 centimetres (2 feet) of water can float a large vehicle or even a bus – this is why you should never drive through flooded roads. Just 15 cm (6 inches) of fast moving flood water can knock a person down.

4. The world record of rainfall in 24 hours was 1,825 millimetres in Foc-Foc, Reunion in the Indian Ocean. That’s over 6 feet!

5. The wettest place in the world is thought to be Mawsynram in the state of Meghalaya, India. Here the average annual rainfall is 12,000 millimetres.

6. Nova Scotia is the rainiest province in Canada, receiving an average annual rainfall of 1,082 mm. In tenth place, Saskatchewan only gets 312 mm! Our three territories are the driest with Nunavut getting only 112 mm of rain a year. (None of those numbers include snowfall.)

7. Rain drops are pretty small. They range in size from 1/4 centimetre to almost 1/3 centimetre in diameter.

8. Rain drops do not fall in a tear drop shape. They originally fall in the shape of a flat oval.

9. Rainfall intensity can be ‘light’, ‘moderate’, or ‘heavy’. Heavy rain falls at a rate greater than 4 millimetres per hour.

10. Rain is recycled water that evaporated from our lakes, rivers, oceans, and seas.

Stay curious,


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