Boys are stinky, and other science news

It’s true – scientists have now proven that boys really are stinkier than girls! Being a life-long girl myself, I didn’t need science to tell me this.

But, it’s also interesting to note that girls are actually better at smelling these odours too. Scientists figure that women are actually looking for some biological information in these smells, so I wonder if our use of deodorant is making it hard to find the right mate? Have divorce rates gone up with deodorant use? Hm!

Today I was also excited to see that cheap and efficient LED lights are a little bit (or maybe a lot) closer to being commercially viable. This is great news for energy efficiency!

Lastly, check out this great photo montage of robots.

Stay curious,


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One Response to “Boys are stinky, and other science news”

  1. university_phoenix Says:

    “He who establishes his arguments by noise and command shows that reason is weak.”

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